Preservation Jewelry

Preservation Jewelry

Preservation of Gemstone

1. Determine the hardness of the gemstone.

2. Avoid contact with chemicals.

3. Avoid creating shocks and falls when wearing gemstone jewelry

4. Avoid exposure to hot temperatures.

Preservation of Agarwood

1. Avoid water Agarwood is formed from the tree. Basically, agarwood is a type of wood that is hydrophobic. Pebbles with water are also worn down, let alone Agarwood.

2. Avoid sharp objects Agarwood is quite soft, so if you rub it with hard and sharp objects, it will cause permanent scars.

3. Avoid exposure to hot temperatures.


Preserving Gold and Silver

1. Remove jewelry when you have to exercise vigorously.

2. Avoid direct contact of jewelry with chemicals.

3. Avoid exposure to sunlight and high temperature.

4. Clean jewelry regularly.

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